Digital forms for workshops and courses

Get more people to enroll by lowering the entry barrier

Registration for courses and workshops can be easier. Chances are that you still do this with a PDF form, on which the future student fills in his or her details. From that form you then type the data into, for example, an administration system or an Excel file.

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The forms you create with Formulive can be filled in on any device. This way you lower the barrier for course participants to register.

Do you talk to people about a course and they are interested? With Formulive you can invite them directly via email to fill out the registration form. Not only convenient for your potential students, but also for you: you get a handy overview of who has (not) signed up. Handy for sending people a reminder.

On any device
Filling out a PDF form on your phone is not easy. If you have digitized the form with Formulive, it is easy. Formulive supports all screen sizes: from smartphones to desktops. So your learners can fill out your forms at any time and from any location. That offers them convenience, which is undoubtedly appreciated! And that convenience will hopefully lead to more conversions. Win-win, in other words.

Because, with PDF forms, it's not all that easy. If your customers are handy they can do it digitally, but often it comes down to: print the form, fill it out, scan it and then mail it to you. Where you then archive it or even retype it into yet another system. Many actions that you yourself and your (future) students would rather save.

Easy to process
The data from the completed forms can be viewed on the forms themselves. But Formulive also automatically creates convenient tables of all data. You can easily add these to Excel, so you can work with the data there as well. To make an attendance list, for example.

And if you want to save the data in another system: copying from Formulive is much easier than copying from a completed PDF file.

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