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Integrate Formulive with your own software

Formulive offers a simple API that allows the software to integrate with your systems. This allows you to focus on creating a beautiful website for your customer, while 'at the back end' the old-fashioned PDF forms get filled in.

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Who is the API designed for?
Website builders, digital agencies and system integrators: in short, anyone who builds online applications or websites and whose clients would like to continue using their existing forms. This may be because it best suits the customer's business process, or because the costs of really automating it all are too high. Formulive is the economical choice.

Why should you use it?
Your customers have the desire to have forms filled out. Creating a 'normal' form in a web page is not a problem. But what if they would like to display that data in an already existing form? Then Formulive offers a solution.

Creating the technology yourself to create input fields on PDF forms, and going to fill them programmatically, that would probably exceed your client's budget. It's also not necessary at all. You can easily integrate the Formulive API into any web application.

How it works
You build the form into your client's website. You add the PDF template in Formulive. Draw the fields there and download the API specification. Then you call the REST web service from the form you build.

Your client can log into Formulive to view the completed forms there. Simple, right?

Getting started?
Then get in touch by sending an email to You will then receive the documentation, and API access will be enabled for your account.

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