Digital forms for maternity care

Digitize your enrollment form in a few clicks

Administration doesn't make anyone happy. That is one of the reasons why I created Formulive. Because we all know that you can't escape it either. Not even in maternity care. Take the registration form for example, with which prospective parents can register with you. How nice would it be for them to be able to fill it in from their phone? And for you to have all the information in a clear table, instead of all the attachments in your mailbox?

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On this page I would like to explain how Formulive makes your work easier. With more convenience for your customers, more structure for you and. it costs you almost no effort to start using Formulive.

Formulive makes this very easy. You don't even have to create new forms. You just add your existing PDF forms (like the registration form) and sign the input fields once. Then you can publish the form on your website. You can also invite people via email to fill out the form. For example, have you spoken to prospective parents and are they interested? Then you enter their email address, and they have an invitation to fill out the form directly in their mailbox.

If you are still working with paper forms: no problem. You can easily digitize those as well. Scan the forms and add them to Formulive. Then it works exactly the same as if you had a PDF form.

Email invitations
You can easily invite your customers to fill out one or more forms. This is done via 'verified forms'. You enter the email address of the person who has to fill out the form. This person receives an e-mail with a personal link to the form. The answers given are then linked to the email address, for more trust.

Thanks to email invitations, you also know which people you have asked to fill out a form, and where you are still waiting for a response. This gives you a real-time insight, and you can specifically remind customers to submit a certain form to you.

On any device
Filling out a PDF form on your phone is not easy. If you have digitized the form with Formulive, it is easy. Formulive supports all screen sizes: from smartphones to desktops. So your customers can fill out your forms at any time and from any location. This offers them convenience, which is undoubtedly appreciated!

Because, with PDF forms, it's not all that easy. If your customers are handy they can do it digitally, but often it comes down to: print the form, fill it in, scan it and then mail it to you. Where you then archive it or even retype it into yet another system. Many actions that you yourself and your (future) customers rather save.

Easy to process
The data from the completed forms can be viewed on the forms themselves. But Formulive also automatically creates convenient tables of all data. You can easily add these to Excel, so you can work with the data there as well. And if you want to store the data in another system: copying from Formulive is much easier than copying from a completed PDF file.

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