Terms and conditions for using Formulive

Formulive is a service provided by Mixel. Mixel is registred at the Chamber of Commerce in The Netherlands with number 08203936. You can contact us by e-mail via info@formulive.com.

On this service the terms and conditions by Nederland ICT apply. These can be downloaded via this link. Note that these terms and conditions are provided in Dutch. If you do not understand these, we urge you not to continue with your registration. The terms and conditions as provided on this page, and those referred to, will be constructed according to and are governed by the laws of The Netherlands at any time.

After creating your user account, you can use our service for free for five days. To continue using the service afterwards, a periodical upfront payment is required.

Data processing

The user of Formulive holds personal data as controller and shares it with processor. Processor in this case is Formulive. The subject of the processing is the processing of data via forms.

The purpose of the processing is to provide the service, which allows the creation and completion of forms, and the viewing of data from completed forms.

The category of data subjects / the group of people about whom the data is about is: (potential) customers.
The following data are processed:
Of your (potential) customers:
The duration of processing begins at the time of registration with Formulive. Data of you as a user will be deleted after you submit a written request to terminate your account. Data that is entered by you as a user will be deleted at the time your account is terminated, or when you yourself delete this data.