Forms, the easy way

Transform PDF forms into (mobile) friendly forms

Working with forms becomes easy with Formulive. Upload your PDF form. Then draw squares where answers should be given. And that's it: your digital form is ready!

Forget those forms that your customers need to print, scan and e-mail. Formulive lets you create forms that your customers can easily fill out on their phones or laptop.

You receive the answers digitally. The filled out form. And at the same time, you can easily export the entered data to Excel.

✓ Free trial ✓ No pre-payment required ✓ Cancel anytime

Re-use your forms

Creating digital forms doesn't mean saying goodby to your existing forms. Bring your current PDF forms to live with Formulive. Just a few clicks and you're ready to go.

Happy customers

Your customers can fill out forms from their phone, tablet or laptop. No more hassle with scanning documents. And without paper, you're reducing the environmental impact.

Work more efficient

No more crookedly scanned forms. No longer decipher your customer's handwriting. Get answers ready-to-use in a table. Or in Excel. And of course in the original document. So you can easily continue working with the data.

Formulive in 30 seconds


Meet Formulive in 10 answers

Re-use existing forms
Easily import your current forms in Formulive. No need to create new forms. Digitalize your forms in a matter of minutes.

Receive respones digitally
It's hard to read your customer's handwriting? No longer. Just copy-and-paste data from easy to use tables.

Works on every device
No matter if someone wants to use their phone or tablet. Formulive supports all screen formats.

It's way easier for your customers
Everybody knows the hassle printing, scanning and e-mailing forms brings. With Formulive all those actions are history, becuase your customers just fill out forms digitally.

Better for the environment
Forms no longer need to be printed, which saves both paper and ink. That's why digital forms are a win for the environment.

Design your form
With Formulive you digitize your forms. Starting point is an existing form, which is uploaded as PDF document or JPG image. Then, draw squares where answers need to be entered. For each field you enter the expected input: text or a signature for example.

Share the form
When the fields are created, the form is ready! You'll instantly receive a direct link to the form. This link can be included on your website, or shared with clients. When your clients want to fill out your form, they just click the link and they can step-by-step fill out the form.

Receive answers digitally
Respones can be easily viewed in Formulive's online environment. You can view both tables with all answers, or review each form individually.

When you create a form, Formulive instantly generates a easy to share link. For example: You can modify the link if needed.

Add a link to the form on your organization's website, where you've currently published your PDF form. Or share the link using a letter, QR code or e-mail.

Formulive imports forms in PDF and JPG format.

Paper forms
Dou you still use paper forms? Just scan them, or take a picture. Upload the result to Formulive and draw the input fields.

You can try Formulive for free during the first five days. This helps you evaluate the product, and you can get your first experience using it. If you want to continue using Formulive, you'll pay an upfront monthly fee. Of course, cancelation is possible at any moment in time.

After the trial period the cost of using Formulive is 14,99 USD monthly. You can create up to 10 forms and receive up to 100 answers for each form.

Yes! When creating the form, you idnicate the input types. Just add one or more signature fields. People can easily draw their signature, using their touch screen or with their mouse cursor.

Absolutely. A lot of effort went into creating a good experience on any platform. Formulive scales to the device's screen size. And as a user, you can just zoom into the formulier to have a better read.

When someone submits your form, an e-mail is sent to your e-mail address. This provides you real-time notifications when forms are submitted.

All data and the form itself can then easily be reviewed in Formulive.

Yes, you can. Formulive supports forms up to five pages.

It is very important that the answers to your forms are stored in a secure manner. After all, it may involve confidential data. Formulive stores every answer encrypted in a database. The data is also encrypted 'in transit', because all connections to Formulive are via HTTPS. This is a secure way of exchanging data. Furthermore, Formulive is hosted in data centers that are all located in The Netherlands, which have implemented strict security standards.

The world gets more digital every day. But forms lag behind in this regard. That should change. With Formulive you digitize your forms, without having to write any code.

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